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New California EMT Scope of Practice

New California EMT Scope of Practice As of July 1, 2017, changes to Title 22 Div. 9 Chapter 2 Emergency Medical Technician has resulted in changes to the EMT Scope of Practice for all California Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). This revision includes new knowledge and skills, some of which are...


California Online Paramedic Licensure Service

California online Paramedic Licensure service is coming soon! California will soon have its first ever online Paramedic Licensure process.  No longer will you have to mail in a paper application and all supporting documentation and then wait weeks for a response. The California EMS Authority will be launching the new...

Tips and tricks

What my EMS Number?

Did you forget your EMT certification number or Paramedic License number?  Are you an employer who wants to verify your employee is active and in good standing in California or for National Registry? Use these links to get it done: National: California: 

Did You Know?

NREMT Affiliation Info

If you are currently NREMT certified, but are renewing as “unaffiliated” and requesting “Inactive” status, you are not required to provide verification of skills until such time that you transition from “Inactive” to “Active” status. For more information on this, see the FAQs at the NREMT website: Who can sign...